I’m powerless over my diabetes that my life has become unmanageable..

It was 9pm today when I got out of my diabetologist’s clinic/hospital. I was clutching my medical file. I walked quietly out of the clinic with  my friend. He turns to me and says, “I think your doctor was quite mean if you ask me.” I took a second to say anything. I was recovering from something. I didn’t exactly know if it was a shock. Before any words could come out of my mouth, tears came rolling down my cheeks. I was weeping out loud. “I can’t eat anything anymore though I’m trying desperately to get my sugar levels in control. I can only eat fruits and vegetables. I can’t eat wheat or rice.” MY LIFE HAD SUDDENLY TURNED MISERABLE. I didn’t know which direction I was walking in. Oh! I almost forgot. My doctor had asked me to follow the Rule of 1. If I feel like crying about my health then I could eat one chapathi or one dosa or one idly, nothing more at all. Of course, I can drink 6 cups of buttermilk, soup and nimbu pani (lemon juice). I can eat as much as vegetables and fruits as I wanted. I can do all this and take an injection – GLP -1 (not insulin is what I was told) everyday and lose weight. Or I can do all this and not take injection and lose at least 4 kgs weight and if I don’t lose weight then I go on injections anyway. He follows Rule of 1 for food and I follow one rule for sure which is I will not let any kind of injection touch me. NO NEEDLES. No needle of any kind will ever touch me. Blood tests are fine but not medicines especially insulin or anything diabetes related. I have been asked to google on this GLP – 1 because “I’m an intelligent lady” with a tone of sarcasm. To top all that, I think my doctor was just having a really bad day so he decided to take my trip on my weight and fat. He wanted me to publicly display my fat so he made me stand up and pointed to my stomach and reminded me of all the extra loops hugging my waist. Thank you very much doctor it was such a pleasurable visit that I came out crying. No actually I was weeping out loud. I was ANGRY. Who was I angry with? The usual… angry with myself. But why? I was working so hard at getting my sugar levels down, lose weight and get off medicines. But the doctor wants to add more to my prescription. I didn’t like it. I cried my lung out in the middle of a busy road in J.P.Nagar hugging my friend. He patiently stood by me letting me cry as much as I wanted to. It is good to cry. So I cried and cried and cried till we found an auto (that was about 15mins). We found an auto and something strange happened. I was feeling better. I remembered that I had lost 2kgs in 3weeks in the last month only by eating the right amount at right times of the day enough number of times. And of course, I had completely stopped eating rice. I only eat wheat now. I hadn’t done anything else in fact, not even extra exercise. I was not just going to lose 4kgs in 3 months. I know that I can lose 6kgs in 3 months – the healthy way. Besides I’m going to get a good dose of detox that I always wanted but could never have done it because I thought that my doctor wouldn’t approve. Not anymore. 3 months – I’m going to be having great skin, controlled sugar levels, hot body and fabulous health. So I begin my new count down. My latest levels – fasting – 205 mg/l  Pbps – 265. Not so good uh? I know. But I believe cure is possible. And I’m working at it one day at a time. My first step to my diabetes recovery – I’m powerless over my diabetes that my life has become unmanageable. I have hit a bottom. It’s now time to get up 🙂 🙂

For those who want to know what GLP – 1 is click – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glucagon-like_peptide-1

It works if you work it:

Right food, right amount, right time – EVERYDAY to keep lose weight, stay fit and keep your sugar levels in control. (so I have been told)


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