Discovery to recovery

Oct 2005, I was in grade XI or XIth standard as we call it in India. I had a nasty urinary infection. I was in a lot of pain. I had to visit the doctor. I thought it was one of the usual infections because of using the common restrooms in school. It was usual thing during school days. I didn’t realise it was going to be different this time. My doctor asked to me to a urine test. The results were out. I thought the usual doctor’s visit, the antibiotics and then I will be up and running again as usual. Apparently not. There was no infection to be treated at all. No virus or bacteria at work. Nothing unusual except one very peculiar thing. My urine was concentrated. I didn’t know what that meant. The doctor wanted me to take GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test). The test was more like my ice breaker to needles, to establish a whole new relationship with needles. I had to drink glucose every half hour and take a blood sugar test every half hour for about 3 hours all together. Fantastic! My sugar levels were ranging at something like 360+. I had no idea what these levels meant. I soon discovered that I could be ‘diabetic’ like they all call it. Anyway, I was asked to go to M.V.Diabetes centre in Chennai to get myself a diabetologist. Firstly, I was diagnosed with diabetes, not HIV. Secondly, I was 15 years old. You don’t show me videos of scary, disgusting and grotesque looking legs and tell me all kinds of things I ‘might’ get. Apparently their idea of preventing people being ignorant to high sugar levels. Nonsense! Why can’t hospitals so big have systematic counseling? Children/adolescents need to be addressed differently from adults. That day, I came home crying feeling horrible about having the condition of diabetes. Not only was I not allowed to eat 100 different things, I was also made to feel like I was disabled. I probably lacked something. I was not enough.

It took me lot of help and many years to figure out that I’M ENOUGH!


So to make your life easy, I think some simple symptoms that will help you

1. Weight loss: Weight loss is a symptom. But sadly I never lost weight. I was fat as ever. Anyway, my point is don’t wait to loss weight if u r suspecting diabetes

2. Urinary infection: Quite possible. Again need be necessary. But check for it anyway.

3. Frequent hungry: This was a sure symptom for me. I would eat well and still get hungry so often in a day and it felt weird even for a good eater like me.

4. Wounds: Wounds that don’t heal too soon is a clear symptom

NOTE: There are different symptoms for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The ones mentioned here are for Type 2. I’m Type 2 but got it when I was 15years old, again a typical symptom of type 1. But no I’m not type 1.

Now remember, don’t let the doctor tell you two things for a start:

1. Diabetes is a disease. No it is not. It is a condition.

2. This medication is enough for NOW. (which essentially means you are going to go back to the doctor for more in the FUTURE. Words have serious effect on our minds and our health).

With that, even if you have discovered this condition, feel free to be ready to recover because I’m hoping to see you on this side helping me heal as well.



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