I have Harry Potter to cure diabetes!!!

It’s been a while and where do I stand with my sugar levels? I have Harry Potter as my new doctor. Yes, my new doctor is magical. I’m going to go off all kinds of medicines by the end of this year. Even better, he doesn’t call me fat, believe I can heal more than I do and is an ayurvedic specialist. How I found this doctor? My uncle is on insulin. He used to take (15units morning + 15units night) 30 units of insulin in  a day before he went to Harry Potter. After a few months of ayurvedic medication, my uncle now takes only 20units a day. You can imagine how thrilled I was. But of course, as always, just his medicines won’t work magic. Deadly diet and  exercise was also prescribed to me. 4kms in 40mins walking twice a day was the exercise prescribed to me. You see I’m more awesome than the doctor knows so I started running instead but only 4kms in a day. Ran like that for about 3 months. My levels came down. My Hba1c – 3 month blood sugar average test was normal. My average blood sugar level was 150. I was doing great. It was an exhilarating experience to know see those numbers and for the first time believe for yourself that a cure is truly possible.

And then December happened in my life. It was time for a vacation. I was off to Sri Lanka and off exercise and diet too. Of course, there was January that landed after December. I needed time to get readjusted to a new routine. I shifted homes and then adjusting to that and then finding a new place to run around my new home, it was a lot of work. Basically, health took a back seat. It is always like that isn’t it? Everything else apart from health becomes so much more important – that new assignment I have to finish writing, another movie to watch, but my school friend is coming into town to visit, I will drink some beer only tonight. Imagine, I’m so close being off medicines and here I have been procrastinating and putting my health last on the list for two months. I did not go to the doctor for replenishing my medicines after November. It has been 3 months now. I’m just plain scared to go back to him because he is going to be upset that I have not gone to see him to get myself tested. The same fear kept me from sharing on this blog about what I have been doing right and wrong. There was nothing really wrong about anything I did. There was only fear that led t0 my inability to put my health before everything else in my life no matter what happens. I’m glad that it hit me at some point by mid-Jan and I started running again. I also did join the gym and started exercising more. But I know I have fallen back. That’s alright. I’m back to catching up again. Back to my diet and my exercises. I’m bent on getting off those medicines end of this year come what may.

I also realised that it is not just me but a lot of people around me put their health, sleep, body, nutrition, rest, exercise behind, calling everything else more important. Only difference I see is that I have been forced to see the signs of how my body reacts because of this condition of fluctuating sugar levels. Soon they will also be forced to see the same signs like the way I do if they don’t take enough preventive measures as a reaction to their lifestyle right now. It is sad to know that as I get off medicines this year, there might be getting into medicines due to pure negligence and ignorance. But hope always prevails.


Discovery to recovery

Oct 2005, I was in grade XI or XIth standard as we call it in India. I had a nasty urinary infection. I was in a lot of pain. I had to visit the doctor. I thought it was one of the usual infections because of using the common restrooms in school. It was usual thing during school days. I didn’t realise it was going to be different this time. My doctor asked to me to a urine test. The results were out. I thought the usual doctor’s visit, the antibiotics and then I will be up and running again as usual. Apparently not. There was no infection to be treated at all. No virus or bacteria at work. Nothing unusual except one very peculiar thing. My urine was concentrated. I didn’t know what that meant. The doctor wanted me to take GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test). The test was more like my ice breaker to needles, to establish a whole new relationship with needles. I had to drink glucose every half hour and take a blood sugar test every half hour for about 3 hours all together. Fantastic! My sugar levels were ranging at something like 360+. I had no idea what these levels meant. I soon discovered that I could be ‘diabetic’ like they all call it. Anyway, I was asked to go to M.V.Diabetes centre in Chennai to get myself a diabetologist. Firstly, I was diagnosed with diabetes, not HIV. Secondly, I was 15 years old. You don’t show me videos of scary, disgusting and grotesque looking legs and tell me all kinds of things I ‘might’ get. Apparently their idea of preventing people being ignorant to high sugar levels. Nonsense! Why can’t hospitals so big have systematic counseling? Children/adolescents need to be addressed differently from adults. That day, I came home crying feeling horrible about having the condition of diabetes. Not only was I not allowed to eat 100 different things, I was also made to feel like I was disabled. I probably lacked something. I was not enough.

It took me lot of help and many years to figure out that I’M ENOUGH!


So to make your life easy, I think some simple symptoms that will help you

1. Weight loss: Weight loss is a symptom. But sadly I never lost weight. I was fat as ever. Anyway, my point is don’t wait to loss weight if u r suspecting diabetes

2. Urinary infection: Quite possible. Again need be necessary. But check for it anyway.

3. Frequent hungry: This was a sure symptom for me. I would eat well and still get hungry so often in a day and it felt weird even for a good eater like me.

4. Wounds: Wounds that don’t heal too soon is a clear symptom

NOTE: There are different symptoms for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The ones mentioned here are for Type 2. I’m Type 2 but got it when I was 15years old, again a typical symptom of type 1. But no I’m not type 1.

Now remember, don’t let the doctor tell you two things for a start:

1. Diabetes is a disease. No it is not. It is a condition.

2. This medication is enough for NOW. (which essentially means you are going to go back to the doctor for more in the FUTURE. Words have serious effect on our minds and our health).

With that, even if you have discovered this condition, feel free to be ready to recover because I’m hoping to see you on this side helping me heal as well.


Are you sugarfree? Then have a sweet day…

I begin my day affirming to myself, ‘This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today.’ After 7 years of diabetes, I still believe that a cure awaits me. Where did I begin? Somewhere in Oct, 2005, I was diagnosed with the condition of diabetes. I repeat, “Diabetes is a condition” meaning my pancreas cannot secrete enough insulin. My pancreas has been conditioned to feel so. I was born with healthy pancreas. Over the years, various reasons had contributed to this conditioning. I refuse to agree with anyone who calls it a disease. Having a short sight or long sight of the eye is not considered a disease. It is a condition. Anyway I’m done convincing people who brand themselves ‘diabetic’ instead of considering themselves as people with the condition of diabetes. Having said that, I’m on a journey to find answers for this condition. I want to condition myself back to good health. I have been at it for years. Nothing like what I’m trying now. I have tried a lot of things. It is not trying that has been my problem. My problem has been that of consistency. So here I’m going public with this condition sharing it with the world so I find the strength to do it everyday. I want to make my healing fun by sharing it. Tell the world what I did each day, what I discovered new about this condition, any new learnings, what are sugar levels like, what does the doctor think, are there alternate healing methods to heal diabetes, some new experimental recipes that are working well for me, good food for diabetes, the right nutrition, the right exercise – everything that I try to sort it out. You are more than welcome to talk to me about diabetes, what works and doesn’t. Let’s share. Let’s talk beating diabetes.

If I should get into some fact sheet details then Diabetes is one of the fastest growing conditions in the world. More people are diagnosed with this condition everyday due to the high flying lifestyle, fast food, lack of exercise and HIGH stress levels blah, blah, blah… So finally I’m super excited to be doing this. Blogging about diabetes so I can beat and so can you (if you are diabetic that is :P)

Talk to you soon 🙂

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